2017 LVRC Toachim Vets/PS+ Cyclewear Series - Round 12

The final round 12 of the 2017 LVRC Toachim Vets/PS+ Cyclewear Series was very well organised by Patrick Hawkins and his team at Dulwich Paragon and took place in Bletchingly, Surrey on 3rd September. Thank you to all the riders who took part in the series and Round 12 race results are below:

Race 1 - Overall A/B Race Winner – Steve Calland

Category A

1. Rowan Horner, VC St Raphael
2. Jared Millar, Verulam/Really Moving
3. Andy Critchlow, Windymilla
4. Jason Ormston, Team Quest/The Bike Shop
5. Phil Starr, Python RT
6. Arjan Planting, Dulwich Paragon
7. Daniel Pugh, Southend Whs

Category B

1. Steve Calland, Southdown Bikes
2. Chris Smith, Python RT
3. Simon Brooks, VC St Raphael
4. Vince Divine, Finchley RT
5. Patrick Hawkins, Dulwich Paragon
6. Gianluca Cappello, GS Vecchi
7. Christopher Crowther, Army CU
8. Carl Ferri, Dulwich Paragon
9. Simon Collins, Dulwich Paragon
10. Os Assem, Finchley RT

Race 2 - Overall C/D Race Winner – Rich Edwards

Category C

1. Rich Edwards, CC Luton
2. Julian Bray, Dulwich Paragon
3. Colin Roshier, Team Quest/The Bike Shop
4. Nigel Langridge, Crawley Whs
5. Antonius Wubben, JLT Condor
6. Nicholas Rossman, Finchley RT
7. Gavin Bench, Verulam/Really Moving
8. Phil Hoffman, Abellio/SFA
9. Norman Blissett, In Gear
10. Darryl Rice, Southdown Bikes

Category D

1. Paul Caton, TMG Horizon
2. John Alderman, GS Vecchi
3. Nicholas Coe, Verulam/Really Moving
4. Costa Pierides, Finchley RT
5. Stephen Whonart, Finchley RT

Race 3 - Overall E/F/G/H Race Winner – David McMullen

Category E

1. Martin Hulbert, VC Meudon
2. David Pollard, In Gear
3. Tony Toynton, Southdown Velo
4. Robin Osborne, London Dynamo
5. Keith Gross, Glendene CC
6. Les Liddiard, Team Jewson
7. John Phillips, Sotonia CC
8. Marek Glowinski, VC de Londres

Category F

1. David McMullen, Cotswold Veldrijden
2. Charlie Bruce, Ciclos Uno
3. Philip Cooper, LVRC
4. Peter Constable, Basildon CC
5. Olivier MacPherson, Kingsnorth Int
6. Dave Terry, Braintree Velo

Category G

1. Dick Naylor, Abellio/SFA
2. Roger Jackaman, South Western RC
3. Harry Webb, RT316
4. James Gowan, In Gear
5. Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC

Category H

1. Tony Burnham, In Gear