2017 LVRC Toachim Vets/PS+ Cyclewear Series - Round 8 Dave Griffiths Memorial

Round 8 of the 2017 LVRC Toachim Vets/PS+ Cyclewear Series was the Dave Griffiths Memorial Race and organised by Ray Healey and his team. It was the 10th and final edition of the Dave Griffiths Memorial races. Race winners Paul Caton and Paul Bird, were presented with commemorative crystalware.

The event was held in Ottershaw in Surrey on 2nd July.

Race 1 - Overall A/B/C Race Winner – Paul Bird

Category A

1. Phil Starr, Python RT
2. Jared Millar, Verulam/Really Moving
3. Dominic Maxwell, Worthing Excelsior
4. Ken Prince, GS Vecchi
5. Rowan Horner, VC St Raphael
6. Marco Coppola, Windymilla
7. Duncan Gilbert, Chelmer CC
8. Simon Laws, GS Vecchi
9. Andy Sykes, Team Quest

Category B

1. Vince Divine, Finchley RT
2. Simon Collins, Dulwich Paragon
3. Rick Hodson, De Ver
4. Martin Jones, Colourtech RT
5. Christopher Crowther, Army CU
6. Andy Hibberd, Pedalon
7. Warren Hannington, I-Team CC
8. Patrick Hawkins, Dulwich Paragon
9. Chris Smith, Python RT
10. Mark Daly, Colourtech RT

Category C

1. Paul Bird, CC Luton
2. Craig Wilson, GS Vecchi
3. Robin Parker, East Grinstead CC
4. Julian Bray, Dulwich Paragon
5. Roland Tilley, Weber Creative Interiors
6. Rich Edwards, CC Luton
7. Andy Pollintine, Dulwich Paragon
8. Andrew Burman, Rapha CC
9. Jon Harris, CC Basingstoke
10. Darryl Rice, Southdown Bikes

Race 2 - Overall D/E/F/G Race Winner – Paul Caton

Category D

1. Paul Caton, TMG Horizon
2. Costa Pierides, Finchley RT
3. Colin Smith, Colourtech RT
4. Trevor Bradbury, Python RT
5. Mark Bremner, VC Meudon
6. Michael Williams, Fareham Whs
7. Martin Elms, JLT Condor
8. Ian Glen, LVRC
9. Billy MacNamara, Clarencourt CC
10. Keith Jarrett, GS Vechhi

Category E

1. Robin Osborne, London Dynamo
2. Martin Hulbert, VC Meudon
3. Peter Gray, LVRC
4. Tim Crumpton, VC St Raphael
5. Mick Lee, Colourtech RT
6. David Pollard, In Gear
7. Keith Gross, Glendene CC
8. Clare e.Belle Simon, Bonita Squadra Corse
9. Ray Douglas, LVRC
10. Richard Varian, Epsom CC

Category F

1. Ralph Keeler, St Ives CC
2. Lindsey Ruocco, GS Vecchi
3. John Buxton, LVRC
4. Phil Stone, Kingsnorth Int

Category G

1. Roger McGlynn, London Dynamo
2. Roger Jackaman, South Western RC
3. Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC
4. James Gowan, In Gear