2017 LVRC Toachim Vets/PS+ Cyclewear Series - Round 2

Round 2 of the 2017 LVRC Toachim Vets/PS+ Cyclewear Series was organised by Finchley RT and held in Blackmore in Essex on 30th April. The weather was pleasant and racing was fierce. Race Results are below.

Race 1 - Overall A/B/C/D Race Winner – Simon Collins

Category A
2. Tomasz Chmielewski, Finchley RT
3. Arjun Planting, Dulwich Paragon
4. Dominic Maxwell, Worthing Excelsior
5. Richard Stanton, CC Luton
6. Phil Starr, Python RT
7. Andy Sykes, Team Quest

Category B
1. Simon Collins, Dulwich Paragon
2. Vince Divine, Finchley RT
3. David Williams, Islington CC
4. Mark Daly, Colourtech
5. Mark Jones, Colourtech
6. Tim Davies, Icknield RC
7. Andy Yeoman, Met Police
8. Christopher Crowther, Army CU
9. Michael D’Arcy, Bonito Squadra
10. David Hunt, PB Cycle Clothing

Category C
1. Julian Bray, Dulwich Paragon
2. Paul Bird, CC Luton
3. Robin Parker, East Grinstead CC
4. Phil Hoffman, Abellio/SFA
5. Spencer Nash, Bike
6. Neil Dowie, Shorter Rochford
7. Peter Morrell, CC Luton
8. James Conway, Met Police
9. Jeremy Phillips, De Laune CC
10. Damien Foy, Eagle RC

Category D
1. Costa Pierides, Finchley RT
2. Nigel Stevens, Finchley RT
3. Trevor Bradbury, Python RT
4. Martin Elms, JLT Condor
5. Colin Smith, Colourtech
6. Stephen Sorba, Dulwich Paragon
7. David Crow, Colourtech
8. Dave Broadbent, Kuato CSG
9. Martin Plumb, Verulam
10. Nicholas Coe, Verulam

Race 2 - Overall E/F/G/H Race Winner – Les Liddiard

Category E
1. Les Liddiard, Team Jewson
2. Martin Hulbert, VC Meudon
3. Geoff Bores, Ford CC
4. Robin Osborne, London Dynamo
5. John Calvert, Walden Velo
6. Steve Smith, Redbridge CC
7. Carmelo Luggeri, CC Ashwell
8. Mick Lane, 4T+
9. Paul Cackett, The Bike Loft
10. Keith Cross, Glendene CC

Category F
1. Peter Constable, Basildon CC
2. Ralph Keeler, St Ives CC
3. Phil Cooper, LVRC
4. Dave Terry, Braintree Velo
5. Jeff Hathaway, Team MK
6. Phil Stone, Kingsnorth Int
7. John Duckett, Cycolgy

Category G
1. Geoff Wiles, Abellio/SFA
2. Dick Naylor, Abellio/SFA
3. Harry Webb, Rt316
4. Roger McGlynn, London Dynamo
5. Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC
6. Bill Butterworth, Sigma Sport

Category H
1. Tony Woodcock, Kingsnorth Int
2. Tony Burnham, In Gear