2017 LVRC Toachim Vets/PS+ Cyclewear Series - Round 1

The 2017 LVRC Toachim Vets/PS+ Cyclewear Series got off to a great start with Round 1 which was organised by GS Vecchi and held in Preston Candover in Hampshire. It was a nice Spring day and the course was undulating with an uphill finish. Well done to everyone who took part; the race results are below:

Race 1 - Overall A/B Race Winner – Simon Collins

Category A
1. Phil Starr, Python RT
2. Jared Millar, Verulam Really Moving
3. Duncan Gilbert, Chelmer CC
4. Rowan Horner, VC St Raphael
5. Dean Corney, VC Meudon
6. Tomasz Chmielewski, Finchley RT
7. David Tate, In Gear
8. Steve Dring, Team Echelon
9. Mark Greenwood, ACRT
10. Jason Ormston, Team Quest

Category B
1. Simon Collins, Dulwich Paragon
2. Colin Dixon, Portsdown Hill CC
3. Chris Smith, Python RT
4. Patrick Hawkins, Dulwich Paragon
5. Jeff Lamb, VC Meudon
6. Chris Crowther, Army CU
7. Os Assem, Finchley RT
8. Andy Redding, I Team CC
9. Tony Owen, Stratford CC
10. David Rutty, VC Bristol

Race 2 - Overall C/D Race Winner – Rich Edwards

Category C
1. Rich Edwards, CC Luton
2. Michael Coyle, Brighton Mitre
3. Julian Bray, Dulwich Paragon
4. Craig Wilson, GS Vecchi
5. Roland Tilley, Weber Creative Interiors
6. Dave Larcombe, Pedal Heaven
7. Colin Roshier, Team Quest
8. Paul James, Crawley Whs
9. Gary Sheppard, Bath CC
10. Phil Boarer, GS Vecchi

Category D
1. Rob Cranstone, GS Vecchi
2. John Alderman, GS Vecchi
3. Michael Williams, Fareham Whs
4. Nicholas Coe, Verulam Really Moving
5. Martin Plumb, Verulam Really Moving
6. Stephen Sorba, Dulwich Paragon
7. Billy MacNamara, Clarencourt CC
8. David crowe, Colourtech RT
9. Chris Beales, Pearson CC
10. Roger Tyler, St Ives

Race 3 - Overall E/F/G/H Race Winner – Geoff Wiles

Category E
1. Martin Hulbert, VC Meudon
2. Keith Gross, Glendene
3. Ralph Keeler, St Ives
4. Peter Humphries, Gillingham & Dist
5. Robin Osborne, London Dynamo
6. Peter Wilson, Bournemouth Arrow
7. Paul Cackett, The Bike Loft
8. Malcolm Whitehead, VC Deal
9. Jayne Payne, Willesden CC
10. Chris Stone, Redhill CC

Category F
1. Roger Jackaman, South Western RC
2. Phil Cooper, LVRC
3. Bob Evans, Lewes Wanderers
4. Ray Robinson, Team Jewson
5. Malcolm Freeman, GS Vecchi
6. Phil Stone, Kingsnorth Int
7. John Buxton, LVRC
8. Lindsey Ruocco, GS Vecchi
9. Peter Jeans, Swindon Cycles
10. Robert Jolliffe, New Forest CC

Category G
1. Geoff Wiles, Abellio/SFA
2. Fred Hale, GS Henley
3. James Gowan, In Gear

Category H
1. Tony Burnham, In Gear